Welcome to my webpage! This is a place for me to practice some front end web development and design.

about me

I am linkhs, they/them, and I like video games and drawing.


  • 5/8/2022: add new game to games list
  • 5/1/2022: add new games to games list, fix broken emoji on games list, update CSS for cleaner navigation bar and footer
  • 4/24/2022: separate games list and coding practice into separate pages, update navigation bar to match, add a greeting and about me to index page, make navbar and footer sticky, add new game to games list (will update JS file to fix the emoji when I'm back on main computer)
  • 4/23/2022: add old gaming joke to not found page
  • 4/22/2022: make logo for top of page, add commentary to HTML code (check it out if you're also learning web dev!), adjust games list to be more legible on mobile
  • 4/21/2022: organize games list information in tables, add color and Bootstrap
  • 4/20/2022: build index page with game log, coding, and updates sections